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Metal Wind Chimes

Metal Wind Chimes

Durability of aluminum and copper wind chimes

Metal chimes are the most popular because of their classic style and vast assortment of attractive designs. Also they are the most durable (weatherproof and rust resistant) since the chime tubes are made of either anodized aluminum or copper that will not rust when exposed to the elements.

Numerous design styles and tuned chime melodies available

Metal wind chimes come in a vast assortment of attractive finishes and styles and all with exceptional tones and resonance. The metal chime tubes allow for high tuning accuracy and the ability to generate a variety of melodies.

 Stained Glass Cardinal  Metal Wind Chime - 40 Inches
Stained Glass Angel Wind Chime
Everything But the  Kitchen Sink - Sunday Brunch  Metal  Wind Chime
Metal Barnyard Wind Chime- 43 Inch
Woodstock Tiger's Eye  Feng Shui  Wind Chime
Woodstock Feng Shui Jade   Wind Chime
 Hummingbird and Dragonfly   Victorian Garden  Meadow Wind Chime
Chakra Chime  7 Stones
 Chimes of Pluto - Verdigris
Regular price: $35.00
Sale price: $29.99
Indoor Tranquil Tabletop  Wind Chime
 Chimes of Patagonia
Regular price: $32.00
Sale price: $29.99
Amazing Grace Wind  Chime - Large
Woodstock Chimes of Earth - Silver
Woodstock Sand Dollar Wind Chime
Regular price: $39.90
Sale price: $36.90
 Stained Glass/Pewter Cat Wind Chime- by Kara's Creations
 Gregorian  Metal Tuned Chimes
 Pewter & Stained Glass  Dragonfly and Frog Wind   Chime
  Silver  Memorial Wind Chime
Large Memorial Bronze Wind Chime
Regular price: $86.00
Sale price: $82.99
Kara's Ceations- Butterfly and Flower  Stained Glass/Pewter Windchime
Healing Tuned   Wind Chime
Black Wind Chime - Craftsman Style
Regular price: $44.95
Sale price: $39.99
 Hummingbird Stained Glass and Pewter  Chime - 36 inch
Waltzing Matilda Tuned Metal Chime
Regular price: $51.99
Sale price: $47.99
Angel  Chime - Stained Glass/Pewter - Made in USA
Large Rooster Stained Glass and Pewter Wind Chime - 36" Long
Cross Stained Glass Wind Chime
Stained Glass Cross with Amazing Grace Wind Chime
Woodstock Wedding Chime
Woodstock Anniversary Chime

Metal Wind Chimes