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5 Tips to Consider When Buying Wind Chimes
  1. Where are you going to place the chime and what material should you choose? Since most people put their chimes outside, chimes made of metal , bamboo or glass are the most popular options. Obviously metal is more durable since they are weatherproof and rust resistant and therefore many manufacturers offer 5-year or more limited warranties for their metal chimes. Glass chimes reflect the sunlight best. The bamboo wood is lightweight and exposure to sun and rain over years of being outside can eventually lead the bamboo to split.
  2. How much do you want to spend? This is one purchase you can see and hear the difference of the more expensive wind chimes. Expect to spend between 25 and up for a decent set of chimes. The larger chimes cost in the thousands, but the sound is incredible!
  3. What kind of sound do you want to hear?Metal chimes are often hand tuned using computers to generate certain notes and tones. Many are tuned to play songs and themes. Bamboo chimes are often hand timed but the sound is more of a deep hollow sound that is very relaxing. It is still fine sound quality but not of the caliber of the better metal chimes. If you want one with lots of melodies and harmonies then choose a chime with lots of tubes since the more tubes the more notes the chime can play. Also note the length of the tubes this directly affects sound quality. The shorter wind chimes will generate higher pitched sounds and the longer wind chimes will generate longer, fuller tones. Size is not that important as long as you like the sound of the chime when the breeze blows.
  4. What theme decor are you trying to bring to your space? Personal preference will drive this choice. Wind chimes are available in a wide range of colors and the theme designs are very varied.
  5. How big do you want it? Depending on the placement (how much room you have allocated for the chime), what sound you want to generate and how close your next door neighbor lives (you do not want to upset your neighbors or maybe you do) will drive your size decision.